Going Green

“Try to leave the Earth a better place than when you arrived”  Sidney Sheldon

“The wild places are where we began. When they end, so do we.” David Brower 

Food for thought and support: introducing Throttle the Bottle and the projects we support with your safaris, plus a few of the many responsible organisations we feel make a difference for disadvantaged and marginalised children, conservation and increased access to healthcare for rural areas. Our way to leave Mother Earth a better place.

Every step we take as The Map’s Edge, we are very conscious of our debt of gratitude and our responsibilities to our wild spaces, our planet and our people.


Throttle the Bottle

Plastic is not bio-degradable. It just breaks down into smaller pieces, battered by the sun, rain and waves, leaching toxins into the environment. This threatens the health of humans and wildlife.  Birds, animals and marine creatures get caught up in this waste or try eating it and many die as a result . The plastic bottles you use today will still be around, in some form, 450 years from now.

Many plastics do not recycle successfully. Unlike glass, which can be recycled an infinite number of times, plastic bottles can only be recycled once. Recycling plastic is a short-term solution. Only a tiny portion of the world‘s plastic is actually recycled. Reducing our use is the only long-term solution.

We started our campaign to reduce plastic waste on safari by giving our adventurers a stainless steel reusable water bottle. We put pressure on camps, lodges, guides and other operators to provide safe, bulk drinking water and reduce plastic waste. Through our social media, we aim to inform and inspire with regard to the importance of clean water, reducing plastic and waste. Step by step we can all make a difference

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If you are looking for up-close-and-personal experiences with wild animals such as walking with elephants or lions, handling and feeding wild animals, then we are not the company for you. We feel strongly that these experiences are ethically flawed, are often purely for commercial gain and do not take the long-term future and welfare of the animals into consideration.

On the other hand, we emphatically support the work of organisations working to rehabilitate animals who have been victims of poaching or human wildlife conflict such as the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary (https://www.reteti.org/welcome-to-the-reteti-foster-family), the DSWT (https://www.sheldrickwildlifetrust.org/) and others that work towards ending the exploitation of wild animals, such as Blood Lions ( https://bloodlions.org/ ) and Wild Aid (https://wildaid.org/ )

Carbon Tanzania
Carbon Tanzania

We offset the estimated carbon produced by our safaris with Carbon Tanzania. CT is certified internationally by Plan Viva and works with local communities to manage, preserve and extend existing forests.

Frankfurt Zoological Society
Serengeti de-snaring project

We are a founding member of this project, supporting teams of rangers/ex-poachers to collect snares and research data, helping to protect the eco-system.

Flying Doctors of East Africa
Flying Doctors of East Africa

A charitable group providing expert medical care to rural communities in East Africa, who do not have access to medical facilities. Emergency Medical Evacuation fees for our travelers help support this effort.

PAMS Foundation
The PAMS Foundation

PAMS:  an umbrella organisation that empowers groups in protection and conservation, works with NGO’s and the Government to find solutions and also supports anti-poaching work across Tanzania.

Tanzanian Children’s Fund

Giving marginalised children a loving, permanent home with educational outreach programs benefiting the whole community.

FAME Africa

Provides high-quality, affordable healthcare and hospital facilities to rural and poor communities in northern Tanzania – a valuable service.

FEMME International

Offers education, advocacy to address challenges faced by women and girls in low income areas during their menstrual cycle.

Wild Aid
Wild Aid

‘When the buying stops, the killing can too’. Focus on educating consumers of wildlife products on the terrible impact of that trade.

Precious Orphans
The Precious Project

Provides a supportive environment and a residential home for vulnerable children and orphans including a primary school.

The Plaster House
The Plaster House

Transforms the lives of children born with physical disabilities through education, therapeutic programs, surgery in a loving environment.

African People & Wildlife
African People & Wildlife

Partners with local communities to create sustainable solutions to people wildlife conflict, improving the lives and protecting the natural world.

Bird Life
Bird Life International

Works to improve conservation of bird species and habitat, to prevent extinction, promote sustainability and involve communities.




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