Mad about safari

Mad about safari

The Map’s Edge is a small owner-managed Safari Company based in Northern Tanzania, catering for those wanting a trip that is made-to-measure.

Two Kenyans, a Zimbo and a Brit went into a pub one day. Sounds like a bad joke, right?  But that was the four of us, in 2009.  And the punchline?  The Map’s Edge.

While we are based in Tanzania, we can arrange safaris throughout East Africa.  Between us, we have traveled extensively in 15 African countries. With our roots planted firmly in the ground here since the early 90’s and our extensive hands-on knowledge and experience, we can offer our guests a far more thoughtfully-constructed safari experience than almost anyone else.  

We sit down with you to plan the safari of your dreams – then set about making it all come true.  And when you get home, the first thing you’ll want to do is start planning your return, to explore new landscapes and meet new friends feathered, furred, scaled and human!

We catch your dream, then help you escape and explore it at your leisure.

At its best, safari is a way to reconnect with nature and to rediscover that sense of wonder of your childhood.  It’s soul food.”

Richard Knocker, Professional Guide

It’s a way of life

We grew up going on safari – having our nappies changed in the midst of the Great Migration, as it were. A pile of kids crammed into a tiny tent, mums with a huge sense of adventure, a pair of old binos and a bird book… that’s all it took.  And when things did not go according to plan?  “For heaven’s sake, don’t tell dad!”

Safari is where many of our favourite memories were made.


Supporting our planet

“The Earth is what we all have in common”

Wendell Berry.

Find out what we do, with your help, to support Mother Earth.

Join us in making a difference.

Going Green

Meet the team

Meet the gang

Our guides are what makes a Map’s Edge safari special.

If you want to know more about a dung beetle or that impressive raptor soaring overhead; if you want stories about magnificent trees and dramatic adventures, we have the guide for you.

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