Extreme Adventure

There are 50 ways to live a safari – make a new plan, Stan, and get yourself free.

Standing up in a 4WD out on a game drive on rough roads and scanning the horizon for animal activity – a bit like the Ancient Mariner in his boat – may not sound like exercise but it is surprisingly tiring.

For those that want more of a work-out and a challenge or even a different viewpoint, this may not be enough. Jogging in the bush is definitely off the menu, so hang up your running shoes at home. Some of the higher-end places may have well-equipped gyms or a ‘gym in a bag’. But what about adding in something with an African flavour to your keep-fit aspirations? Some of these activities may be worked into your safari itinerary easily; others require a few days dedicated to them or might be unique to a particular place or country. Some might be the main reason for your trip; others a way to experience the country from a different viewpoint. Just as a quick reminder, many of these do not take place in game-rich areas or National Parks.

Extreme Adventure

Extreme Activities Include:

Mountain Climbing:
Kilimanjaro, Mt Meru, Ol Donyo Lengai in Tanzania; Mt Kenya; Mt Nyiragongo in DRC or The Ruwenzoris in Uganda (for the very adventurous) . Rock climbing in The Aberdares, Kenya

Mountain Bike Riding:
Half-day or full-day rides, multi-day bike safaris in Tanzania and Kenya.

Horse-back Safaris:
Half-day, full-day or multi-day safaris in Kenya and Tanzania

Motorcycle Safaris:
Around the northern circuit in Tanzania and in Kenya’s part of the Rift Valley

Canoe Safaris and half-day outings:
Arusha and Manyara National Park, multi-day safaris on Lake Tanganyika.

White-water rafting, kayaking and bungee jumping
On the River Nile, Uganda or a live-on-board marine safari down the East African Coast.

Extreme Yoga
Extreme Yoga on the Kenya Coast

Balloon trips
Balloon trips in Kenya and Tanzania in several National Parks

All Terrain Vehicles
ATV outings in Kenya and Tanzania

Diving, Snorkeling
A highlight in Mafia and Pemba and available all along the East African Coast

Kitesurfing, kayaking, sailing and SUPs
Available at many lodges along the East African Coast

Swimming with whalesharks and dolphin
In Mafia and Zanzibar, Lamu and all along the Kenya Coast

Gorilla and Chimpanzee habituation
Full day programs in Uganda.

Active Destinations
Places like Lake Natron in Tanzania and The Mathews and Laikipia in Kenya where there is plenty to do to explore the area in different ways. Particularly good for family adventures.

Helicopter Safaris in northern Kenya.
Visit remote areas and get a bird’s eye view of our living world (higher carbon footprint with option to offset)

Deep-sea fishing on the Kenya Coast or fresh-water fishing in Lake Victoria. Tiger fishing in Tanzania or high altitude trout fishing in Kenya. *We strongly recommend Tag and Release for a sustainable sport*

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