Take a Walk on the Wild Side

“I am NEVER climbing another mountain again” Those words, uttered as I finally reached the summit of Mt Meru with two cracked ribs, have now entered, firmly, into family folklore. Yet within months, I was climbing the second highest peak in The Udzungwas.

For those who like a challenge or who won’t give up through sheer mulishness or those looking for a meditation on nature or to learn more about the interconnectedness of life in the bush, then taking a walk on the wild side is definitely something to consider. It does not have to be an epic battle of mind and body, it can be a quiet exploration of our place in the intricate pattern of nature or it can simply be a way to stetch the legs and get a bit of African dust under your feet. There are wonders to see and experience from the smallest delights of acacias and termite mounds up close to the view from the top of the highest mountains in Africa.

From a morning walk out of your bush camp to a more holistic walking safari over several days, there are many different experiences on foot on offer for all types and abilities. Bush walking and Mountain climbing are not about big game experiences. You may see some game but that is not the primary objective. The only restriction? You have to be over 12 years of age for some walks and over 15 years of age for others and physically capable of the undertaking. Some require standard fitness and others do need you to get off your sofa and out training a few weeks beforehand. The bush walks typically do not cover much ground as there is so much to see and learn just around you. And the mountains……are mountains.

Activities include

Mountain Climbing:
Kilimanjaro, Mt Meru, Ol Donyo Lengai in Tanzania; Mt Kenya; Mt Nyiragongo in DRC and The Ruwenzoris in Uganda (for the very adventurous).

Day walks / half-day walks
From some select bush camps, Conservancies and National Parks in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

Camel treks
in northern Kenya.

Multi-night walking safaris
in the Serengeti National Park, Ruaha National Park in Tanzania, Ngorongoro Highlands.

Overnight fly-camping
in light tents from some bush camps.

Chimpanzee and Gorilla trekking
in Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania.

Rhino tracking
in Solio, Kenya.

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