Why Travel to Uganda?

Uganda is the surprise jewel in the crown of safari. It boasts many unique and special adventures, and all wrapped up in the most glorious landscape.


  • Safari adventure and wonderful game-viewing in a country that has been off the main safari circuit until recently. You can see all the traditional safari plains game along with some interesting rarities: White-eared kob, Mountain Gorillas, Nubian (Rothschild’s) Giraffe, Golden Monkeys.
  • Meet the relatives: Gorillas in Bwindi; Chimpanzees in Kibale Forest, Queen Elizabeth National Park; Baboons, Colobus & the Gentle Monkeys: beautiful Cooper-tailed Sykes on Lake Victoria and Golden Monkeys in the mountains. The Gorilla trekking is slightly more challenging than Rwanda with a thicker forest but Chimpanzee trekking is more accessible than Tanzania, within a standard drive-around itinerary.
  • Spend time with your family: spend the day with researchers habituating Gorillas & Chimpanzees.
  • Fantastical feathered creatures: Shoebill Storks, Giant Blue Turaco, Crested Cranes, Shelley’s Crimsonwing, African Green Broadbill, Abyssinian Ground Hornbill  and many endemic bird species, particularly in the Highlands. 1061 species to date but 150 is a respectable safari total.
  • From rain forest to desert in all the seasons: Lake Victoria, Kidepo, Semliki, Lake Mburo, Lake Albert and the Impenetrable Forest.  Boat trips, game drives, trekking, white-water rafting near a source of The Nile, horse-riding. Murchison Falls. Game-viewing in a dramatic landscape  – explore by vehicle, on foot and by boat.
  • The Karamajong and the Batwa tribes, with their individual cultural traditions.
Why Uganda
Why Uganda
Why Uganda
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